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On this web site, we have included a selection of materials to enhance your understanding of the Alexander Technique.


• Recently completed research:

• The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique Medical and Scientific Research

• Focus on AT Research:


Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais method: a critical overview, Elsevier 2004 by Sanjiv Jain, MD, Kristy Janssen, PA-C, and Sharon DeCelle, MS, PT, CFT. A chapter in a text for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America for which Rose and Rick offered lessons and input.

Body Learning Podcasts

Recent scientific studies of the effects of Alexander Technique on muscle tone and movement co-ordination
with Tim Cacciatore, Ph.D

Back pain help: Using the Alexander Technique with Dr. Paul Little

The Pilates Method and the Alexander Technique with John Macy, Physical Therapist

Alexander Technique from Mayo Clinic, Medical and Health Podcasts

Useful Articles, Books and Teachers

Constructive Rest

Alexander Technique Bibliography

Additional Articles and Teacher Listings:

• The American Society for the Alexander Technique at

• The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique at
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