Are you ready to take the plunge and book a Private Lesson?

Lessons in the Alexander Technique are taught one-to-one where the teacher can customize the content of each lesson to the individual student. Lessons are generally from 40–45 minutes in length and are scheduled with either Rose or Rick at a mutually convenient time. Our studio is located within our home in a comfortable and easily accessible neighborhood in Urbana, Illinois. Wear clothing to a lesson that you can move in easily as you will be sitting, standing, bending and lying down. Pants and a comfortable top work best for both men and women.

The benefits of Alexander Technique lessons are seen over time. We suggest you begin with our Introductory Package of three (3) lessons. This initial series will help you and your teacher determine if lessons will be beneficial. After your introduction, a continuing series of 12 - 30 lessons will provide a good grounding in the Technique. As time and finances permit, students find the greatest benefit in frequently spaced lessons - a minimum of weekly. Frequency of lessons initially will assist in you recognizing the benefits you are gaining while renewing your commitment to their practice.

Fees & Details

$60 per lesson

Introductory Package (3 lessons) $150

Fee adjustments available for Seniors, Full-time Students and multiple weekly lessons by an individual or in Households where more than one individual takes lessons on a weekly basis. If you feel that lessons would be of benefit to you, please ask about fee adjustments that would fall within your budget.

An often asked question is whether Health Insurance may be billed for payment. There are occasions when, with a prescription of a Technique-savvy physician or when on a flex plan, individuals have received some reimbursement from insurance. We can assist you with appropriate materials when talking with your doctor, but payment for lessons remains the responsibility of the student.

To book your lessons or to answer any additional questions you might have, please call or write:

Rose Bronec or Rick Carbaugh
phone: 217-344-5274

We look forward to hearing from you!