Rick Carbaugh
is Co-Director of Alexander Technique Urbana (ATU) in Central Illinois. He is teacher certified and a member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).

Teaching and Training
Rick’s interest in the Alexander Technique began in 1978 when he met Rose Bronec, his future wife, at a workshop on the Feldenkrais Method. From 1979-80, he trained with Goddard Binkley at the Chicago Center for the Alexander Technique. At that time, other interests won his attention in the world of restaurant management. But then in 1991, Rick, Rose and their daughter moved to Urbana where he resumed teacher training in the Technique. Rick graduated in 1994 from the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique (UCAT) under directors Joan and Alex Murray.

Following certification, Rick stayed on at UCAT as an assistant until 1999 when he and Rose opened their own teacher training, Alexander Technique Urbana. In addition to private teaching, training teachers and managing cafes, from 1996-2007, Rick served as Coordinator for the Murray’s Annual Refresher Courses, organizing two separate groups of attendees every June. These refreshers were highly successful and attended by teachers from a variety of teaching backgrounds from both here and abroad.

Rick’s entrepreneurial skills and technology interests have been utilized to promote the Alexander Technique for many years. For five years from 1992-97, Rick was the distributor in the United States for Direction: a Journal on the Alexander Technique published in Australia. From 1994-97, Rick helped his friend Jeff Haas host the first online discussion on the Alexander Technique. AmSAT has benefited from Rick’s quick application of new technologies by promoting board interaction via email when this first came available. His expertise in editing and graphics found their way into AmSAT’s organizational arms through Rose’s board and committee work over the years.